First assignment 8-20-07

I will be completely honest and say that I didn’t find much “new” information in the reading. Maybe this is because I’ve been keeping a ‘blog’ for the past 5 years, and if you count message board communities as mentioned in the reading, it’s been since about 95′. I do find myself reading more blogs as I get older, and gaining more news from them also. If there was something that I feel has changed blogging, and the way we get our information, it’s in tag development. I think there is a huge jump from simply clicking a link to more info, to actually being able to roll over, and see a preview of the link, or having the text automatically have links included with the article that will help with finding supporting information.

When you read a newspaper article, you trust that the reporter has fact checked, and done their due diligence in backing up their story. With a blogger, I tend to find myself second guessing where they get their information. I don’t see this as skepticism, I do however see myself being more well informed. When you read a newspaper, you can’t turn to page 5 for more information on certain topics and facts from another reporter or source, but you can easily click your way to information that will either back up, or back down the blogger.

Dangers of blogging come into play as well, especially when coupled with people that don’t do their homework to fact check.  In the past, if you were someone that had a radically different view of things, you would be alone, and you would be a lone voice in a sea of humanaity, this would usually force you to cohabitate with your peers, and become a working part of society. With the advent of the internet, message boards, and blogs, you run the risk of segregating people more than ever, and allowing people to avoid ever needing to integrate with their peers. It creates a way for people to not only segment themselves more, but in a more solid way. It also strips away peoples feeling of individuality, because now instead of being the only person you know who really likes a certain author, or band, it only takes a few seconds and just a couple of clicks to realize you’re simply 1 out of 1,000 fans that are all the same.


~ by brandontonio on August 20, 2007.

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