Blogs… and the blogging bloggers that blog them

Im sure someone else has coined that headline, along with pretty much every other witty saying out there. Not saying it’s witty, but it could be if you’re an Al Franken fan.

It’s funny to sit and think about blogs that I read on a regular basis, mostly because I don’t have many. While I do read alot of blogs, and other similarly structured sites, I don’t find myself exclusively addicitted to one such outlet. That being said I did break down and realize that I do often find myself @ Photoshop blog. I know it’s cliche for photographers to read about their art all the time, but I’m a shutter addict and happy to admit it.

Picking a second is also hard, not in the sense of picking a favorite child (which isn’t hard, you simply pick your most successful offspring), no it’s hard in the sense that I find most of my bloggspotting to be via portals such as, et al.

Then it struck me that some of the places I find some of the most interesting stories are actually in themselves blogs as well, so for numero deuce I choose YOU !
Appologies around if I come across as slightly whimsical in my take on blogging. Interesting will only get you so far, it’s how you get there that really makes all the difference. In my mind things are scattered, and thus my writing is the same. Thinking in a straight line only gets you to the answer faster, when really you started moving for the journey itself.


~ by brandontonio on August 23, 2007.

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