Random things… because not knowing is half the battle

My coffee table can kick your coffee tables ass… 

Sure it’s been talked about before, and for many it’s not new, but this is one of the most powerful tools that you’ll see.

Check it

I can only imagine the possibilities.


Think you’re good at your job?

Good answer… perhaps TO GOOD!

No really.. sometimes the best answer isn’t always what they’re looking for


So you want to build your own webpage? Well things just got a little easier…

If you’re one of the millions of people that simply don’t have the time to build, or money to pay for a website, yet need one, then you’re in luck.
Web building apps have come and gone, and since the days of the old geocities pages, people have always wanted to find easier and easier ways to build pages, you’re help has arrived. Add RSS, add images, and best of all its free, small google click ads will be on your site, but with how easy it is to use, and the super cheap price of $6/month to bump yourself to pro, get your own domain name, 5 gigs of storage, and more… who can say no to a face like JimDo?


~ by brandontonio on August 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Random things… because not knowing is half the battle”

  1. Wow I’m surprised to see the Microsoft logo on that site. Very Apple-ish (can we say “iphone”?) but even then, interfacing with cameras and phones with NO wires is pretty amazing. Still surprised that Apple didn’t beat them to it.

  2. I found this a fairly interesting read as to the history on the backside of it. It’s interesting to see that things like the iPhone have come about as possibly a result of ideas from the big bad wolf.

  3. Heh, Apple-worshipers: ouch!

    “The prototype was based on an IKEA table with a hole cut in the top…”

    IKEA and Microsoft. Still can’t grasp it 😛 Again, a partnership you wouldn’t expect Microsoft to have.

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