Who says small doesn’t get the job done?

So you’re thinking of the next blog to read, and there are so many, who’s next?

Do you feel the need to read one based upon it’s humor or it’s truthiness?
Sarcasm, or wit?
How about how long it is?

AHH… there is something that makes it easier, how long it is, surely that is the sign of realvency. Look at bills in congress, and other legal writings, they are always longer than the day they were written, and yet it’s not because they say more, it’s simply because they say it longer. The real point of this is a blog/site called Fark.com

Fark.com is one of the more interesting blogs because it is able to relate news stories in just a couple sentences, and say what we’ll all be thinking by the end. You get the information of what really happened, and then you get their opinion on it. Here is a story that really hits home:

Boston rehearses distribution of bioterror vaccines in case Mooninites lauch another attack

sure… you could go here and read all about the REAL story, but in the end, we’ll all just be thinking of the same thing. For a long time to come, each time we think of Boston and terrorism, we’ll think of the cartoon terrorists. Did you really need to know more about the terror drill than what that headline told you? When I came away from the real article, I didn’t feel as tho I really knew much more than a few extra specifics as to how, and what happened; basically they ran a bioterrorism drill. I got that from the fark headline. Sure there are stories that you want more info on, and thus you will click them and read. OR! In just a small sentence Fark was/is able to sum up what some would write an entire article on. They do it quick, and to the point. No time to mess around, they write what the headlines should be. I’m sure this doesn’t fit the typical blog notion, but just because someone takes a full page to write their ideas, and someone else does it in a sentence… who’s to say they didn’t convey the same idea?


~ by brandontonio on September 7, 2007.

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