All your base are belong to wiki..

So you sit around thinking about what to edit on wikipedia. Sure there are plenty of things, and sure there are mounds of interesting topics, but what are you an expert on?

Fancy yourself the biggest fan of a band?… wiki will own you.
Think you’re a buff on cars?… wiki smokes you.

Oh.. I know… maybe you’re a serious authority on Ninja Gaiden! This should be interesting, because hours and hours of gameplay, surely you know more than most… right?

Again, owned by the Wiki…

So what do you do when you realize you don’t authority to be the authority on anything?
You  find new info not on the wiki, and you add it. That’s the beauty, you don’t have to so much be the authority to write the wiki as such. All you have to do is be able to find the facts, and marry them to the wiki page. So I went hunting for my old HS, and it didn’t say much. At least, not on the surface, looking at the history I saw something that made me smile. If you search for Field High School, you’ll get a page that just gives you the basics, so I added some other info I found from the education dept.

The actual page made me realize that it wasn’t really supposed to be about opinions of the school, or impressions as an alum, it was strictly about information. When I looked at the previous history of the page, it was amusing to see that highschool is always highschool, and kids will be kids.
The kids had taken it over in the begining and wrote humorous slander, wasn’t anything malicious, but it did show a highly juvenile slant. It was funny to see that they were able to write themselves in as the principle, and other such positions. To see them make up stats about people, and all in all do nothing more than Wikraffiti(c) <–( that’s my word feel free to use it).

Obviously I wasn’t just going to add simple stats… had to create a new word.


~ by brandontonio on October 1, 2007.

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