I’d like a side of faster internet please…

FAST… no it’s not just something we all wish the internet was, it’s actually a way to get it there.

Currently technology is not up to the digital snuff when it comes to the speed demands of it’s most influential users. We are downloading full length movies, music video, streaming new casts, and wanting more everyday. Eventually we’re going to want HD video streaming wirelessly… but will it be possible with todays current tech?

This is similar to the production and fabrication process in the original assembly lines. We used to produce, and assemble all products by hand, as demand rose, we had to produce more, in shorter time spans. We figured out ways to integrate machines into the production side, and using them for the assembly side also. Eventually we had automatic production machines that produced the parts for us, and we then assembled them. Now we are at a point where machine produce the parts, and robots put them together. Currently with the internet, one could easily argue that we have machines that assist us in the production and we still assemble by hand, this needs to change.

With the advent of networks that are able to handle the traffic (see fiber to home) we are entering an age where we become our own networks, and we become content pullers, rather than receivers. We need to start implementing faster networks, and faster forms of communication. All to often we find ourselves fighting battles that don’t need to be fought. If we had a faster way to communicate through the currently used infrastructure, we wouldn’t have to worry about bottlenecks, and bandwidth hogs. Sure people will be getting more content, but in effect using less resources because it will take them less time to achive their end goals.  So lets get things moving FASTer (wiki link)


~ by brandontonio on October 23, 2007.

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