Underwater Screendoors Vs. Dark Fiber

One is a blonde joke, the other is a cruel reality.

It’s no laughing matter… much in the same way that Enron would flip the grid off and on to control black outs and power outages, and thus artificially control the price of power via scarcity, telco’s are doing the same thing.

The big argument is that there simply isn’t enough bandwidth to go around.. that there has to be some regulation, or control of how much people use because there isn’t enough capacity to support all the downloading that goes on.

Previously you will note the idea of changing the way we communicate, and thus speeding the process of packet transfer up. (don’t know what packets are?.. check the bullet point!) I guess to understand dark fiber you should know what fiber is and does… here’s the short end of the long pole: You have a glass “wire” that you pass light through… the light carries information, and since it’s light, it moves fast (lets imagine lightspeed and Hans Solo).. now since you need light to use fiber optics, it makes ironic sense to have massive amounts of ‘dark fiber’ laying around. Fiber optic carriers laid the equivilant of 100 lane highways through the middle of the UTD campus… thinking that UTD would suddenly have the entire country of china driving to campus daily… the problem is that it never happened. Lets call it bad planning, or short sightedness, or better yet, lets call it the government spent billions of tax dollars funding these telco’s because they were “developing new infastructure”. Ooops.. I think that hit it… the government paid these companies billions of dollars to build a network that you’ll never get! Why?… because it made those companies money, and grew their size… which helped them donate money to campaigns, and get those officials elected that voted to pay for them, it’s a circle of life that would extinct the entire cast of Lion King.

All in all… we’ve got the lanes, and we’ve even got a way to produce less traffic over existing networks… but doing all this doesn’t make the powers that be any money, if anything they lose money because Verizon, ATT, and Comcast all provide television, and as we all know… you don’t need a TV to watch TV when you stream TV from the PC.

So the next time you hear a blonde joke like “yea thats about as smart as a solar powered flashlight!”… just respond with “still not as dumb as dark fiber!”


~ by brandontonio on October 23, 2007.

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