When is it really ‘Cruel to be Kind?’… how being cute can kill.

You’re walking around town, and suddenly people jump out of the bushes with guns, and they start shooting your entire group, your best friend from playground days, your cousin, and even your girlfriend. People around you scream in fear almost instantly, but then either laugh, or get pissed that they were given such a shock.


What about all the people who were just shot in the street?
Why aren’t these bystanders calling 911, or rushing to help?

Because the guns were water guns, and you were involved in a game called, “Assassin
But what about those people around you that were legitimatly scared? Do they have the right to call the police, and file a complaint of a public mennace?

With the way the current social climate is, telling a joke about a bomb in an airport will get you arrested, if you put up little colored lights of cartoon characters you’re a terrorist plot, and making fun of religion in a comic can start riots, one can see easily the fragile waters to be tread when in public spaces.Enter “Cruel 2 be kind“.

This is a game very similar to  assassin in the sense that you have to kill or be killed, but at the same time completely different. To kill someone in this game, you literally have to be kind, nice, or helpful. Simply telling someone they are gorgeous is enough to kill them dead.

It wouldn’t let me embed… sorry

I personally like assassin better, but at the same time, when watching the video of 200 people playing ‘Cruel 2 b kind’, it did seem like fun, in a completely mob oriented way. I liked the idea of the large groups of people, and the walking up to strangers, it all made for a very interesting concept, and to see it practiced was at the very least highly entertaining.

Also, if I may say… since you’ve been reading this… you do look particularly gorgeous today!



~ by brandontonio on November 9, 2007.

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