Explaining Twitter over christmas dinner…

So it’s holiday time! … and I am sure that if like me, you will be on twitter (or insert similar) and inevitably you will be asked “what is twitter?”

Why do they ask you this? Because you are their “smart friend”, and the family member they always turn to when they go for tech advice is you! So… here ya go:

Twitter is like being in a public (unless you make private) room with friends, and people you know. When you think of something witty, interesting, or want to share a picture, link, or info, you shout it out to the whole room. Everyone is able to hear it (sent to their phone and shows up on website), and it goes to all that are in the room with you (following you). It is also able to be heard by anyone that wants to hear (those that lurk, or look at your page).  If someone wants to respond to what you said, they can either shout it across the room, or whisper it to you.

Now when someone asks you “what are you doing on your phone all the time?”… you can explain it to them, in terms they will not only understand, but possibly want to get involved with!


~ by brandontonio on December 4, 2008.

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