About Me:

This is an about me section, as boring as it may be.

I am currently enrolled at UTD, I am going into graphic design, and mixed media sales. I have a very cynical view of life in general and the people that surround. That being said I love living, and thoroughly believe in the concept of working to live, not living to work. While being very approachable, and easy to talk to, I can sometimes intimidate easily. Intimidation is always a two way street, and at times I will find myself as intimidated by those around me as some may be by me. I don’t really see this as a weakness, rather a strength that allows me to survey situations, people, and scenarios. Surveying the world around you before you become involved will sometimes be mistaken as shyness, and cautious. Social interaction has many levels and I have always been fascinated by the levels of interaction that we open ourselves up to on a daily basis. The tools, products, and mediums we in the human project utilize on a daily basis, open us all up to an immense amount of social interaction possibilities. Text, video, audio, and visual communication all gel together to form that which we draw inspiration, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. We create our morals from what we’ve been taught, and experiences we’ve lived. We have our ideals shaped by those with conflicting beliefs, yet are more than capable of holding true to ourselves while choosing to maintain our current blend of personality. I feel that contribution to society is only measured by those who have not contributed enough. I think that those people who share an idea with someone else, a belief, or even a dream can be considered as helping to shape the world at large. We as a society are less bound by political maps, and government lines, yet are more divided in these boundaries than ever. This is where the pavement lies, this is where ideals become ideas, and boundaries become less about keeping people out, and more about keeping people involved. This is my textual docudrama that will be used to shape words into sentences that will later be read…. as just now.


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